America's Favorite Pies and the History Behind Them

America’s Favorite Pies & the History Behind Them

We Americans love desserts. From chocolate chip cookies and brownies to fudge and Jell-O, we have favorite desserts for each and every occasion. While it’s hard to choose between all the amazing desserts that our fine country has to offer, for us, nothing is better than pie. And it seems that the rest of the country agrees.

When the average American lists his or her favorite desserts, they tend to be ice cream, cake, cookies and, you guessed it, pie. Even better… you can combine two of America’s favorite desserts for pie à la mode. According to the American Pie Council, about 186 million pies are sold each year in grocery stores alone. Now that’s a lot of pie!

We decided to dig deeper into the history of some of America’s favorite pies. We explored how they were first made and why they are so special to Americans. Check out this fun, and very literal, pie chart to see where your favorite pie ranks in America’s eyes. And get ready for a major sweet tooth craving as we count down the top 4 of America’s favorite pies:

Tippin's Cherry Pie4th – Cherry Pie

3rd – Chocolate Cream Pie

Although the exact history of chocolate cream pies appears to be unknown, they resemble the French chocolate pâtisserie known as the tarte au chocolat. It is generally thought that cream pies first became popular in the American Midwest, where there were dairy farms aplenty. Chocolate cream pie is traditionally made with a flaky crust on the bottom, a chocolate custard filling, and whipped cream on top.

2nd – Pumpkin Pie

Tippin's Apple Pie Slice1st – Apple Pie