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A Birthday Pie Love Story

We love hearing stories about people who celebrate their birthdays with pie. And this Birthday Pie story has a long-distance romance twist, so it’s even better!

We recently heard from Chloe, who lives in Australia, wanting to send a Tippin’s Key Lime Pie to her boyfriend for his 21st birthday. With our online ordering system under the weather, we wanted to help make this special delivery from Down Under. We lucked out because Chloe’s boyfriend happens to live in the Kansas City area.

Chloe’s Story

“We met almost 3 years ago online and just kinda hit it off. We Skyped each other almost every day and spoke with each other’s friends and parents. Ryan eventually made his first visit to my home in Australia the middle of last year.”

Birthday Pie - feeding kangaroos

Chloe and Ryan feeding kangaroos in a wildlife sanctuary in Australia

“After that, I came over to the states for the first time this year in January and stayed for about two months. I got to visit the Colorado Rockies and Disneyland in Anaheim. Ryan came back to Australia for about a month in July, and I’m planning to come back to the U.S. in January. It’s definitely hard but we try to see each other as often as we can. I was thinking of getting a cake for Ryan’s birthday but, like myself, he isn’t a huge fan of cake.”

“We both much prefer pie, so this seemed like the perfect solution.”

Tippin's Key Lime Pie slice

Tippin’s Key Lime Pie for Ryan’s 21st birthday!

For our part of the plan, we provided Ryan with a Tippin’s Pie gift certificate, redeemable at Hen House Market stores in the Kansas City area. Since you only turn 21 once, we included a Tippin’s pie server and a “Happy Birthday” pie topper so his Key Lime Pie will look extra festive.

Happy Birthday to you, Ryan! And all our best to Ryan and Chloe. 💕🥧

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