Family with Tippin's pie for 2nd Birthday - blowing out candle

Birthday Pie

While birthdays may traditionally be celebrated with that other dessert, the truly original celebrate with birthday pie.

And one loyal family goes to great lengths to make sure that birthday pie is a Tippin’s pie.

A Tippin’s Tradition

“Tippin’s pie runs deep in my husband’s family,” Katherine explains. “His brother and sister worked at the North Oak location in Kansas City in the 1990s, and he remembers sneaking leftover pie from the refrigerator.”

“When I was pregnant with Henrik, I saw Tippin’s pie on the news. They said there was an egg-white shortage (or some special ingredient in the French Silk pies),” Katherine continues. “I had an intense craving for this famous pie that I had never even had.

“I was relentless and begged my husband to run to the store during the 2015 Royals World Series. He didn’t go, but he has made it up to me with LOTS of Tippin’s pies as a peace offering. Henrik’s first pie was on his first birthday, but he sure kicked a LOT through my pregnancy pie indulgences.”

Katherine and Henrik have back-to-back birthdays, just one day apart. Since Mom and Dad are partial to pie, Henrik is too.

In 2016, for Henrik’s first birthday, Katherine selected a Tippin’s banana cream pie for his party. And since these family members are also big fans of the Kansas City Royals, they added “Royal blue” sprinkles on top and invited Sluggerrrr to the party. What a bash!

Family with Tippin's pie for 1st Birthday

Henrik’s 1st Birthday Bash

Then, fate intervened.

And these true-blue Royals and Tippin’s fans, moved from Kansas City to Minneapolis.

Katherine even sent us a message before their move: “What is your northern-most pie selling point off I-35? We’re moving to Minneapolis this summer, and we have a French Silk pie pretty much weekly, so this is a concern.”

As their May birthdays approached, and without close access to Tippin’s pies, Katherine had to call in special forces.

“This year, Henrik turned 2 in Minnesota,” she says. “His Nana and Papa brought a Tippin’s French Silk pie all the way from KC!”

Family with Tippin's pie for 2nd Birthday - blowing out candle

Henrik blew out the #2 candle on his birthday pie like a pro!


Family with Tippin's pie for 2nd Birthday - French Silk

He really dug into that French Silk pie. Henrik enjoys life’s finer things.

Happy Birthday to two of our favorite Tippin’s fans!

We’d like to remind all of our fans that while you can find Tippin’s pies in 14 states, you can also order Tippin’s pies online to satisfy your cravings. We ship Tippin’s pies all over the country.

And for others out there with the discriminating taste to choose birthday pie, we’d love to hear your stories.

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