Tippin's French Silk pie

Everything in Moderation

After making it through the holiday feasting, at the new year, many of us feel like we need to get healthy. So how do you do that when you work at Tippin’s bakery? Repeat after me: Everything in moderation.

Tippin’s bakers begin their shift at 5 a.m. so the smells coming from the ovens fill the air by 7 a.m. There are mornings when the aroma of baking pies makes the temptation very real. But we make a living by selling pies – not by eating them – so it helps to keep that in mind.

When people ask, “How can you work around Tippin’s pies all day long and manage to maintain your weight?” I repeat a saying that we ascribe to at Tippin’s:

“There are no bad foods, only bad diets. Everything in moderation.”

I work to maintain a reasonably healthy diet, and I’m happy to say that after being at Tippin’s for seven years my weight is about the same as when I first started. Notice I didn’t say it was ideal; only that it had stayed the same. In my case, there is a lot of bike riding and walking to help offset my lack of willpower to say “no” to Tippin’s.

A Pie Worth the Indulgence

As much as we would like for everyone to eat our pies all the time, the reality is that for most people to maintain a healthy diet, eating Tippin’s pie every day isn’t practical. But when a person does decide to indulge in a really great tasting dessert, we hope that Tippin’s pie is the reward on the plate.

Remember: Everything in moderation.

Mark is Tippin's President and Official Pie Taster.

Mark is Tippin’s President and Official Pie Taster