Fun with Tippin's Fans

Fun With Our Fans

We love hearing from people who love our pies. Sometimes your stories are sentimental, and sometimes they just crack us up. Having fun with our fans is part of the reason we love what we do.

Check out this exchange we had recently with our new friend Shannon on Twitter…

A Tippin’s Pie Fan from St. Louis


Here’s more of Shannon’s story in her own words:

“I grew up in Lee’s Summit, and I remember always having some sort of Tippin’s pies and pumpkin bread for holiday gatherings. I moved to St. Louis, where my husband is from, about six years ago, and I still miss Kansas City. So whenever I find a slice of Kansas City here, it makes me feel closer to home. Finding Tippin’s pies at Dierbergs was a great discovery, and I plan on sharing it with all my friends and family here in St. Louis.”

Shannon Miller (not the gymnast)

Isn’t she just the best?

If you share a similar love for Tippin’s pies, let us know! Reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or share your story using our story form so we can feature it on our website.

Having fun with our fans is one of the best parts of being in the pie business!