How It's Made: Tippin's Pumpkin Pie

How It’s Made: Tippin’s Pumpkin Pie

Although many think of it as a Thanksgiving treat, Tippin’s bakers make our signature Pumpkin Pies year-round. And we use some special touches to make our pumpkin pie one that you’ll crave no matter the season.

Making Tippin’s Pumpkin Pie

We begin by aging our pumpkin puree for two years to intensify the flavor. It was a happy accident that led to this tasty discovery! Now we purposely age our pumpkin because it makes our pies taste better.

By the way, pumpkin puree is one of only two ingredients we use that comes in a can. (The other is pineapple juice for our Pineapple Pie.) We start most of our pie fillings with real, whole fruit, or fresh cream or half-and-half.

The next step for our Pumpkin Pie is to blend the aged pumpkin puree with a mixture of spices, eggs and other key ingredients to create our made-from-scratch pumpkin filling.

Cans of pumpkin puree for pumpkin pie

We mix the dough for our crusts the day before we bake to give it time to rest. Then we form the dough into our pie tins, and they await a turn in the large rotating oven that we use to bake our pumpkin pies.

Tippin's pie crusts waiting for pumpkin filling

The crusts go in first. Then our bakers use a “magic wand” to fill the crusts with pumpkin filling while they are in the oven baking.

Tippin's pumpkin pies filled in the oven

Photo courtesy of The Kansas City Star

This is how our pumpkin pies look fresh and hot out of the oven. The original pumpkin spice deliciousness!

Tippin's pumpkin pies right out of the oven

We place our pumpkin pies on racks to cool before we package them and send them off to stores so you can enjoy them. You can find Tippin’s pumpkin pies at these grocery retailers or order online to have one (or more) shipped to your home.

Please note: Because our pumpkin pies contain eggs, they are considered a custard pie and should be kept refrigerated.

Step-by-Step Guide:

How it's made: Tippin's Pumpkin Pie