COR Blood Drive with Tippin's pie slices

Peace of Mind With a Piece of Pie

Rob Jones faithfully donates blood at local blood drives, and today we have him as our guest blogger to help promote the blood drives at the Church of the Resurrection (COR), where Tippin’s provides a slice of pie to all donors. Here Rob shares what motivates him to give…


Slice of Tippin's Cherry PieEven though I’m a financial planner now, my first profession was in medicine. I retired as a paramedic battalion chief for Johnson County Med-Act, the 911 medical service for Johnson County. I’ve seen the difference a unit of blood can make in a patient. And I like knowing that even though I don’t save lives with my hands anymore, I can still do it with my blood.

My blood type is considered rare, so that’s a big motivation for me to donate as often as I can. I encourage folks to check if they are O Negative, CMV Negative. (CMV is a common infection most folks get sometime during their lives and they aren’t even aware of it. People who don’t have this infection are known as CMV Negative.) Folks with O Negative, CMV Negative blood are known as Baby Blood donors – they often use our blood for premature babies, cancer patients, and other special situations.

COR makes the donation process really fun, and what really sold me was that I got Tippin’s pie for donating! You get such a wonderful feeling that you are helping up to three other people when you donate. I was thrilled to find that they grill hot dogs at lunchtime. And to top it off, they reward your donation with a nice slice of Tippin’s apple or cherry pie.

One time I donated right after breakfast, but I definitely didn’t want to miss my chance at pie. So I brought a plastic container to the church and asked that they put my slice in there for later. They said I was the first who thought to do that. I replied that I didn’t want to miss my chance to enjoy my favorite pie!

I encourage everyone to take 45 minutes, come over to COR in Leawood, and be part of the largest mobile donation site in the metro. Best of all, you’ll meet really nice people, the discomfort only lasts a second or so, and you can proudly earn a “slice of heaven on earth!”

Take it from a Certified Financial Planner professional, the best investment strategy involves helping others by investing a little of your time and a unit of your lifesaving blood. You’ll earn two valuable dividends: Peace of mind and piece of pie!

Rob Jones
Overland Park, KS

COR Blood Drive

We salute Rob for his truly life-saving donations and thank him for being such a loyal fan of Tippin’s pies!