Tippin's Pi Day at Science City

Tippin’s Celebrates Pi Day at Science City

All About Pi

It’s a Greek letter and an irrational number. It’s the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. And it’s a cause for celebration… it’s Pi!

Even though it’s one letter short of the real thing, Tippin’s loves to celebrate Pi Day on March 14. This date is special because the value of Pi = 3.14… and March 14 = 3/14, therefore Pi Day.

In case you’re curious, Pi Day became an official holiday in 2009 when Congress passed a resolution in support of using Pi Day to recognize the importance of math and science education programs. You can read the original bill here.

Math + Pie = Pi Day at Science City

Another reason we like to celebrate Pi Day is that pie is the perfect thing to use to demonstrate how to measure Pi. So you can learn something and then eat something. Win-win!

In Kansas City, we partner with Science City for the fun activities they host for Pi Day on March 14. We use Tippin’s pies to teach kids how to measure pi. And then everyone gets to enjoy samples of our pies. Here are some photos from the 2017 event:

Celebrating Pi Day at Science City with samples of Tippin’s pie

Too many Tippin’s pie samples to choose from!

Science City staff members taught children how to measure Pi using Tippin’s pie containers

Children at Science City competed to see who could recite the most digits of Pi to win a Tippin’s pie

This smart bunch recited Pi to win Tippin’s pies for Pi Day

Celebrate Pi Day with Pie

If all this talk of Pi is making you crave pie, find a store near you that carries Tippin’s pies, or order Tippin’s pies online – we will ship pies anywhere in the country.

Happy Pi Day!