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Finally, the Pie Emoji Is Here!

Pie emojis on different platformsIt’s about time. Pie – the most text-worthy of foods, in our opinion – now has its very own pie emoji.

The latest version of the Apple operating system (iOS 11.1) includes a pie emoji.

We tip our chef hats to Kenzi Wilbur and Gabrielle Lewis, two food writers for Food52.com and hosts of the Burnt Toast podcast. In September 2016, these two pie fans submitted an official proposal for a pie emoji to the Unicode Consortium – the group that decides which emojis to create to ensure that all phones, tablets and computers can exchange text written in any language and with any symbols.

Proposing a New Emoji

It was a brilliant proposal. Read this excerpt:

Pie, both sweet and savory, is one of the most beloved and recognizable foods in the world. With origins in ancient Greece, the pie has evolved to include ardent fans across the globe. … Much as pies have persisted since ancient times, so too will the pie emoji endure.

Google Trends for pieTheir proposal also included charts from Google Trends showing how searches for “pie” compare to other dessert food words like “cake,” “cookie” and “ice cream.” While cake still takes the lead, at least in terms of Google searches, pie comes in an impressive second with notable spikes in the spring for Pie Day and Pi Day. The other desserts have all had their own emojis, so it’s about time for pie to get equal treatment.

As the proposal suggests:

… The most tweeted food emoji around the world is the birthday cake emoji. … It is feasible that a pie emoji could be the second most tweeted food emoji around the world if introduced.

We certainly believe it will be popular. We’ve often seen people using the hashtag #pieemoji in social media because they haven’t had a visual pie emoji to use.

The pie emoji will look a little different on different platforms. The pie emoji first started showing up on Twitter in June 2017, but since people most often use emojis when texting, we’ve been waiting for it to show up on our iPhone emoji options.

Using the Pie Emoji

Now you can talk about Tippin’s pie without using words, although we’re sure you’ll still want to employ adjectives like “cherry,” “pumpkin,” “French Silk,” “outstanding,” and “extraordinary.”

Pie EmojiYou can even use the pie emoji as a term of endearment, such as “cutie pie,” “sweetie pie” or “sugar pie.” Or use it as part of popular expressions like “easy as pie” or “pie in the sky.”

The possibilities are endless!

The big news is that pie now has the validation it deserves. And anything that gets people talking about pie is a good thing.

Now if only that pie emoji carried the aroma of freshly baked Tippin’s pie…