Pie Scenes in Movies

4 Favorite Pie Scenes in Movies

We love pie. We love movies. Put them together? Now that’s Oscar-worthy, in our opinion. Read on for our four favorite pie scenes in movies in this tribute to the silver screen.

Waitress (2007)

Pie stars in the movie Waitress

Baking pies helps a woman remember and honor her mother

This entire movie centers around pie, and there are a few especially notable pie-filled scenes. Jenna is a waitress at Joe’s Pie Diner. She wishes to escape her abusive husband, Earl, and open up her own pie shop, but an unexpected pregnancy puts a hold on her plans to run away. It is revealed that her love of baking pies came from her now deceased mother, who started teaching her how to make pies when she was a little girl. As Jenna grew up, her mom would make pies for special events in her life, such as “Jenna’s First Kiss Pie.” When Jenna’s baby girl is born, she realizes that she has had enough and is ready to leave Earl. She ends up entering a pie contest in a neighboring town and winning the grand prize of $25,000, which allows her to finally fulfill her dreams. At the end of the movie, we see Jenna holding her baby daughter while making a pie in her new pie shop and singing the sweet lullaby that her mother used to sing to her:

“Gonna make a pie from heaven above / Gonna be filled with strawberry love / Baby don’t you cry / Gonna make a pie / And hold you forever in the middle of my heart.”

The Help (2011)

Sweet, sweet revenge

Minny's chocolate pie in The Help movieIn this town in 1960s Mississippi, maid and cook Minny is known for her delicious chocolate pies. Unfortunately, she works for Hilly. Hilly is a truly awful person. Her deep-seated racism sparks her idea to create the “Home Help Sanitation Initiative,” which would require separate bathrooms for black housemaids, under the horrible belief that these maids will spread diseases to their white employers. At one point, Hilly accuses Minny of stealing, and then promptly fires her. Minny is furious, already struggling to make enough money to get by as it is. Minny decides to take revenge on Hilly in a disgusting, yet somehow fitting, manner. She bakes up one of her famous chocolate pies, except this time she adds something extra to the mix. Minny watches as Hilly wolfs down two slices of the pie before revealing to Hilly that she had added some of her own poop and baked it into the pie. You can imagine Hilly’s horror. Although we don’t like to see a good chocolate pie ruined in such a disgusting way, we have to admit that Minny got the revenge she deserved.

Inglourious Basterds (2009)

A tense moment with apple strudel

Strudel scene in Inglorious Basterds movieIn this scene, the young French Jewish woman Shosanna must meet with the ruthless Nazi Hans Landa so he can ask her about using her cinema for the Paris premiere of a Nazi propaganda film. However, Shoshanna recognizes Hans Landa as the man who murdered her family while they were in hiding in a kind dairy farmer’s cellar. Shoshanna managed to escape and reinvent herself in Paris, but seeing the Nazi again sends her into a world of fear. If he discovers her true identity, she won’t be able to escape this time. Landa orders an apple strudel for each of them. As Shoshanna is about to take a bite, Landa suddenly stops her. He insists that she must eat it with a glass of milk and cream on top. Is he cruelly referencing the dairy farm where he killed her family? Or does he simply want her to enjoy the strudel the German way? It’s a scene filled with suspense and terror centering around an innocuous (and delicious) slice of pie.

Labor Day (2013)

Two characters find love over baking a pie

Peach pie scene in Labor Day movieThis movie takes place over Labor Day weekend of 1987. Adele lives in suburban New Hampshire with her son, Henry. Her husband has left them, and she is struggling to keep herself together while being a single mom. One day, a mysterious and intimidating man named Frank Chambers shows up. He convinces Adele to let him stay in her home, and it is revealed that he is an escaped convict. Despite his criminal status, Frank turns out to be a genuine and good man. He bonds with Henry over repairing a car and doing other father-son type activities. Slowly, a romance forms between Frank and Adele, which culminates when he teaches her and Henry how to make a peach pie. Adele and Frank discover their connection while kneading dough and slicing peaches for the pie. It is a beautiful scene that shows the power of good food (especially pie) to bring people together.

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