Tippin's Fresh Strawberry Pie

How It’s Made: Tippin’s Strawberry Pie

It’s Strawberry Pie time!

To demonstrate how to make Tippin’s famous Strawberry Pies, we turned to Mary Beth, the bakery leader at Hen House Market in Olathe, and her team.

It takes time and skill to make these beautiful Strawberry Pies, and you can only get them during the summer months when strawberries are at their peak. Fortunately, May is National Strawberry Month and they are the featured pie of the month at Hen House Market stores in Kansas City during May (and a few other locations listed below). Just in time for Mother’s Day, graduations, and any other kind of summer celebration.

In order to bring this kind of pie perfection to your table, Tippin’s Strawberry Pies are made fresh each day. The bakers use ripe and juicy Driscoll’s strawberries, and they use a lot of them. These Strawberry Pies are made by hand with 30 ounces of strawberries – that’s nearly 2 pounds of strawberries… in each pie!

Scroll through the photos below to see how the Hen House bakers create these strawberry masterpieces.

How It’s Made

Hen House stores receive pie crusts in tins from Tippin’s. Each store bakes the crusts on rotating rack ovens. Bakers flip the crusts over halfway through baking for even browning.

Crust for Tippins Strawberry Pie

The Hen House bakers wash fresh, ripe Driscoll’s strawberries, remove the stems, and place the berries on trays to dry.

Driscolls strawberries for Strawberry Pie

Next, the bakers spread Tippin’s special made-from-scratch strawberry glaze in the bottom of the pie crust.

Glaze for Tippins Strawberry Pie

They weigh out a full 30 ounces of strawberries for each pie.

30 oz of strawberries in Tippins Strawberry Pie

The bakers arrange the strawberries inside the crust with the tip of the strawberry pointing up. It’s a balancing act to keep the strawberries from toppling out of the pie!

Placing strawberries in Tippins Strawberry Pie

Strawberries in Tippins Strawberry PieBakers pour more strawberry glaze on top to coat the strawberries.

Glaze on Tippins Strawberry Pie

Finally, they pipe made-from-scratch whipped cream around the edges of the pie in swirls.

Whipped Cream on Tippins Strawberry Pie

Strawberry goodness through and through!

Tippins Strawberry Pie

Find this gem of a pie at Hen House Markets, Price Chopper and Cosentino’s Market stores in the Kansas City area starting in May and into the summer months. If you live in Oklahoma, you can find Strawberry Pies at Reasor’s Foods.

There’s a reason this tasty strawberry delight is the “most requested pie” of summer. Don’t delay, get your Tippin’s Strawberry Pie today!

Tippins Fresh Strawberry Pies