More than just good food.
Tippin’s makes great stories.

Tippin’s Stories

Some foods are better when shared. Pies are one of them.

That’s one reason people associate such positive memories with Tippin’s pies. You remember being together with family or friends and sharing the taste of Tippin’s pies. You remember that experience, and you want to have it again and again. We love helping people create those experiences, and we love hearing your stories. Thanks for sharing them with us!

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I Blame the Tippin’s Pies

The cute Tic Tac holiday display at Ron's Supermarket holding at least a hundred boxes of those sweet breath mints falls over when bumped with a shopping cart. I blame the Tippin's pies that caught my eye, but those pies are the best! I already had a Tippin's French Silk Pie in my cart but was checking out their fruit pies on the table. It was the last French Silk pie in the case, too. Good thing no one swiped it while I was cleaning up the Tic Tacs, or we could've had a scene from "Christmas With the Kranks"!

Pies of My Youth

I worked for a few months at Tippin's (Pippin's then) as a pot washer. One benefit was that employees could take home as many of the leftover pies and baked goods that were left at the end of the night, which I did pretty much every time I worked. Good thing I was rail thin.

My family ate at Tippin's often, and also did carry out quite a bit. So many favorites I had: Shepherd's Pie, the Quiches, the Tuna Melt (out of this world), Spinach Salad with hot bacon dressing, eggs and mushrooms, to name just a few. Oh, and the pies. My favorites were the Dixie pecan pie, French Silk, Banana Cream... yum yum yum.

Also my sister was good friends with the owner/founder's daughter, for whom the "Katie Salad" was named. We ate at all the locations in Johnson County.

Miss and love it, and am so hungry right now. The problem is I'm in Chicago and there's no where to buy a Tippin's pie... I guess it makes it extra special I can only have it when I'm back in Overland Park visiting my family.

Slice of Home

I grew up in Lee's Summit and I remember always having some sort of Tippin's pie and pumpkin bread for holiday gatherings. I moved to St. Louis, where my husband is from, about 6 years ago. I still miss Kansas City. So whenever I find a slice of Kansas City here, it makes me feel closer to home. Finding Tippin's pies at Dierbergs was a great discovery! I plan on sharing it with all my friends and family here in St. Louis.

Everywhere I Go, Tippin’s Is There

It seems everywhere I go lately, Tippin's is there. I saw Tippin's people at the Town Center Hen House Market. Then I went to a silent auction and one of the items was a year's supply of Tippin’s pies. And then of course I see it with the Royals, and then it was being offered at Talk of the Town. And then at my parents' yesterday, I was in their fridge and saw they had two containers of Tippin’s soups. My mom said she loves them and she's not easy to please. So, the universe is putting Tippin's in my face...what's that about?

Birthday Pie Instead of Cake

Just wanted to let you know you made a birthday special. My granddaughter wanted a Tippin's apple pie and ice cream for her celebration. That is what we had. It seems like our birthday celebrations are centered around desserts. My family would rather have a Tippin's pie than cake. I am thankful everyone likes something different because I get to enjoy different pies all year round.

As Good As My Grandma’s

I just wanted to let you know that your Strawberry Rhubarb pie is the "BEST" I have ever eaten. It is as good as my Grandma's and I NEVER say that. Absolutely the best, better than homemade. I bought mine from Paul's Super Market in Osage Beach and it was as fresh as if I had went to Tippin's and bought it. Awesome. Thank you very much.

P.S. My 10-year-old Grandson ate almost a whole pie by himself!

Your Pies Freeze Well

We have learned how to make sure we always have Tippin's pie handy. It's something you guys already know - that your pies freeze well. So we buy a pie, cut it into eight slices, and eat two. Then we freeze the rest in such a way that we can take one slice out at a time, reheat, top with a bit of ice cream, and we’re ready to go! Enjoying strawberry rhubarb tonight!

Memories of Mom

My mother loved Tippin's and I did too! This past Mother's Day I bought her one from Dierbergs – French Silk. I sure wish I could have one more Shepherd Pie with her. I loved that time with my mother!

I Loved Getting Y’alls Pies

I am from DFW Texas and growing up we had a Tippin's restaurant in our area. I loved going and getting y'alls pies. Since that location has closed I have not been able to find a pie anything like what I used to get at Tippin's. I have been searching for years. I work in a medical clinic and I was reminiscing about Tippin's pies. Finding out that Albertsons carry Tippin's pies has seriously made my day. I've let others know this and now my only worry is getting there before they sell out. 🙂

Baker to Buyer

I bake a lot, especially for our Elks Lodge, but in a pinch and short on time I saw your pies at Ramey and decided to pick up some (fruit pies)... was pleasantly surprised! They are excellent! They look homemade. (That's what caught my eye.) When biting into them, couldn't believe how much fruit was in the pie, not just a lot of gel. And the crust is fantastic. I've gotten a lot of compliments on my baking, but your pies surpass mine by a mile... can't wait till your online website is up so I can see what else you have to offer, as our store only carries the fruit pies. Thank you for such an enjoyable experience.

There Will Never Be a Better Bakery

I miss Tippin's restaurants so, so much. I went to the Independence location nearly once a week with my family, and everything on the menu was fantastic. My favorite was the Shepherd's Pie. We went there often enough that all the servers knew us, and they always treated all their customers so well. I loved the Bannister location as well. And the pie? There will never be a better bakery. Boston Cream was my favorite, followed by the Strawberry. Glad you're still out there making your amazing pies. KC was a better place with your restaurant around!

Pippin’s to Tippin’s

We lived in KC when the Pippin's restaurant was in full swing. We always took out of town guests there and each had their own favorite pie. When we moved to Nebraska, my husband would still bring back my favorite pie on business trips. I LOVED the Black Bottom pie. Family loved it too. Wish it was still available. 🙁

Former Server

I love Tippin's! I miss Tippin's restaurants. Tippin's was my first job at 16 years old and I only have positive memories. Their food was the BEST FOOD ever! Breakfast, lunch and dinner! I vote that we need to bring back the restaurants!!!!! Not only was their food great but the atmosphere was amazing!

Eating Pie Before the Meal

I wanted to let you know my Grandma just turned 92 and every time I go to see her I take her a Tippin's pie. She loves the fruit pies. I took her a cherry one for her birthday, and she tends to eat the pie before her meal. I guess you get to do that when you are 92!

Thanksgiving Pie Supper

My friends are like family. But we’re all so busy… we’re moms, we have careers, we do volunteer work. We’re not good cooks, and we’ve just gotten to the point where we get bogged down with fixing a big Thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings.

So we’ve simplified.

For the last few years, we’ve gathered for a couple of hours in the afternoon of Thanksgiving Day with our families for a “Pie Supper.” We get together, have coffee and pie, and give thanks. We go around the room and everyone says what they are thankful for.

Everyone brings a pie, and no one says in advance what they are bringing. There have been years where we’ve had all pumpkin pies or all apple pies! Part of the fun is not knowing. And everyone buys Tippin’s! The whole idea is to keep it low effort, so why would we bake when we can have Tippin’s pies?

It’s the most joyful, relaxed, social, no stress way to celebrate Thanksgiving. It’s our tradition and we love it!

My Job To Bring the Tippin’s Pie

I have so many family memories eating at the Tippin’s Restaurant. French Silk was my family's favorite. When we got together for holidays, it was my job to bring the Tippin’s pie.

Never Met a Tippin’s Pie I Didn’t Like

I've never met a Tippin's pie I didn't like. Absolutely delicious. So honored to have them in our hometown of Kansas City.

My experience with Tippin's pies goes back over 30 years when I first started dating my wife. Every time I would go visit Lisa, her parents would have a Tippin's pie to serve. I am not lying when I tell you I have tasted every single type of Tippin's Pie.

To this day, I always get a Tippin's pie for my birthday, and not a holiday goes by where my family does not get to share a Tippin's pie. Every season brings on different Tippin's pie and each season I enjoy a different one.

I plan to grow old with Tippin's pies. Absolutely the best pie in the whole wide world.

I forgot to mention that I host my radio show at the local Hen House Markets, and I ask people to bring in the old Tippin's pie tins from back in the '80s and '90s. It is always so fun to watch people running to the store with the pie pans, and I always buy them a pie. You should see the smiles on their faces when I hand them a pie.

Fond Memories

My wife and I moved from a small town in Southeast Kansas to Kansas City in 1983. The greatest thing I could do to ease my beautiful bride’s homesickness was to surprise her with a Tippin's pie. We still have fond memories of those early years when we didn't have a lot of money, but we did have Tippin's! At one point, we weren't sure if everyone back home looked more forward to the pie or to seeing us when we visited! 🙂

Made Me A Baker

Because of your pies, I became a baker of sorts. My grandfather had cancer and his weight was down horribly low. Plus his sense of taste was fried. He loved sweets. Particularly your pies. My Aunt had me copy your pies to help my grandfather. I used protein powder in your chocolate pies and cheesecake. It's been so many years, but I wanted to tell you thank you truly. I was younger then, and I still bake now.

Makes Me Feel Closer To Mom

I have been addicted to Tippin's pies since about 1981. Your pies are our family tradition for many years. The most memorable time with Tippin's was when my mom was fighting cancer. The only thing that sounded good to her was pie. So I drove from Blue Springs to Leawood on a regular basis to get a few pies. This New Year's Day will be 5 years since she's passed away. 🙁 Sounds silly, but I will get some pies for the holiday and reflect on our memories of my mom and our obsession with Tippin's pies. Makes me feel closer to her since it was our favorite dessert! 🙂

Best Pies, Best Food, Best Friends

I worked at Tippin's in Crestwood, MO - my first job - all through college and even after. Best job, BEST pies, best food, still some of my best friends to this day I met there. My husband's favorite was Chocolate Banana, which we never can get anywhere. I miss the Shepherd's Pie, the cornbread, banana bread - and the new monthly pies. Next time I am in KC, I am going to find a store that has more pie selection and food than the ones near St. Louis. THANKS!!

Like a Second Family

It was not only an amazing restaurant but a 2nd family! I would most likely still be there if it didn't shut down. Great food, amazing pies!!!


Viva la France

My granddaughter loved to go to the Prairie Village restaurant and have French onion soup followed by a piece of French Silk pie.

My Carry-On Was a French Silk Pie

Tippin's has been a part of some of my favorite family memories. I surprised my mom for Mother's Day by flying to visit her from Kansas. My carry-on for the flight was a Tippin's French Silk pie, her favorite dessert. The pie and I traveled through security checks and a bumpy plane ride before finally arriving. My mom was extremely surprised and happy to see me, but probably even more happy to see that Tippin's pie. Thanks for making such great quality pies and being part of a new family tradition.

Pecan Pie Recipe

Have you changed the recipe of your pecan pie? I have always liked your pecan pie, but the one we bought for Thanksgiving was exceptionally good! The sweetness seemed different...better...higher quality...more genuine.

*Note from Tippin's: Our Pecan Pie recipe has never changed, but each pie is made from scratch and made with love.