We make pies so good
people ask for them by name

There’s something special about gathering around a pie with family and friends. The smells, the tastes, and deciding who deserves the last slice.

Tippin’s pies are crafted to perfection using only the best ingredients. But the best part isn’t what we put in our pies.

It’s the memories that come from sharing them.

Tippin’s Pie Facts

  • Quality Control:

    Another way of saying, “I need to try a bite or two of that to make sure it’s perfect.”

  • Mistakes:

    What we get to eat. We don’t make many mistakes, but when we do our taste buds do the happy dance.

  • San Saba, TX:

    Where we source our incredible pecans.

  • 90 Minutes:

    How long our French Silk filling is whipped before being placed in our pies.

  • West Coast of Michigan

    Where our cherries come from.

  • Butter

    A main ingredient in our vanilla filling. And our croissants. And many of our pies.

  • 12

    The number of 1st place ribbons our pies earned from the American Pie Council.

  • January 23

    The best day of the year: National Pie Day. (Second best, March 14: National Pi Day)

  • Whole Fruit,Or No Fruit

    Our unofficial Fruit Pie Policy.

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Tippin’s Stories

There Will Never Be a Better Bakery

I miss Tippin's so, so much. I went to the Independence location nearly once a week with my family, and everything on the menu was fantastic. My favorite was the Shepherd's Pie. We went there often enough that all the servers knew us, and they always treated all their customers so well. I loved the Bannister location as well. And the pie? There will never be a better bakery. Boston Cream was my favorite, followed by the Strawberry. Glad you're still out there making your amazing pies. KC was a better place with your restaurant around!