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Apple Pie: The All-American Pie

Tippin's Apple Pie a la mode

From baseball to the American flag, our country boasts many unique and patriotic American traditions. And as the saying goes, “What’s more American than apple pie?” From apple pie’s medieval origins to the legend of Johnny Appleseed, we believe this tasty treat is one that all Americans consider their own.

That’s why it’s traditional to celebrate summer’s American holidays like Memorial Day, the 4th of July, and Labor Day with a delicious, all-American apple pie.

A Brief History of Apple Pie

The general concept of pie was brought to England by the Romans. The Romans made meat-filled pies with inedible crusts of flour and water. Although the English made apple and other types of fruit pies for several hundred years, their pies did not resemble what we think of as the classic apple pie. The pilgrims brought the pie-making tradition with them to America, where fruit pies began to take off. However, pre-Revolutionary pies still had no sugar and inedible crusts.

Traditional American apple pie with a buttery, edible crust results from a mix of recipes brought by immigrants from England, Sweden and the Netherlands. The recipe evolved to include sugar, lemon juice and extra spices. Our modern recipe for apple pie is a melting pot of different cultures, just like America.

Johnny Appleseed

John Chapman, a pioneer born in Massachusetts in 1774, often gets credit for spreading apple trees throughout the newly independent America. He earned his nickname by introducing apple trees throughout Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. He planted many apple tree nurseries in these areas with fences to protect the trees from animals.

At the time of his death in 1847, he left behind a nursery in Indiana with 15,000 apple trees. It’s impossible to know the impact Johnny Appleseed had on modern America’s love of apple pie. But it’s clear he played a large role in giving post-Revolutionary Americans access to fresh apples.

All-American Apple Pie

Here at Tippin’s, we love a classic, comforting apple pie. A mix of quality ingredients, a beloved recipe, and a lot of American pride goes into every Tippin’s Apple Pie. No matter the ancient origins of the pie, to us the apple pie is truly American.

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