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Celebrate National Pie Day January 23

National Pie Day January 23

National Pie Day is an unofficial national holiday celebrated each year on January 23.

“Wait?!” you say, “Isn’t Pie Day in March?”

Many people think that Pie Day is March 14, but that is Pi Day – the celebration of the famous mathematical constant π (pi = 3.14) – and it’s a day when people also eat pie.

We have no objection to two days to celebrate pie!

Origin of National Pie Day

A Boulder, Colorado, school teacher named Charlie Papazian takes credit for founding National Pie Day. Around 1975, he declared to his students that his birthday – January 23 – would be known as National Pie Day. Charlie likes pie, and he celebrates with candles on his birthday pie.

The American Pie Council registered the holiday in 1986 and began promoting National Pie Day celebrations, as well as other pie-centric events throughout the year.

It’s a holiday simply to celebrate pie, because pie so deserves to be celebrated!

How to Celebrate National Pie Day

Here are some of our favorite tips for commemorating this special pie occasion:

  1. Bake your favorite pie. – There is no greater feeling of satisfaction than making a pie from scratch.
  2. Share pie with friends and family. – Pies are meant for sharing. Slice one and share it with those you love.
  3. Eat a whole pie by yourself. – Sometimes you just need to indulge in the sweeter things in life! (Just make it a mini pie!)
  4. Sample different slices of pie. – When life gives you choices, you don’t have to only pick one! Set up a pie buffet and taste to your heart’s content.
  5. Share your favorite pie recipe with friends and family. – Baking with others brings a whole new ingredient to your recipe.
  6. Eat a Tippin’s pie. – When you can’t make a pie from scratch, Tippin’s makes them for you! Use our Pie Finder to find a Tippin’s pie in a grocery store near you.

Fun Pie Facts

  1. The oldest known pie recipe was for a rye-crusted goat cheese and honey pie in ancient Rome more than 2,000 years ago.
  2. There are nine states with pie as their official state dessert or official state pie.
  3. Everyone loves pie – even your favorite celebrities.
  4. You can play a board game called Pie Face, if you really want to get whipped cream in the face.
  5. A baker/artist called The Pieous creates incredible pie art with crust. Check out her Instagram feed for a tasty treat for the eyes.