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Find Heartland Pies by Tippin’s in Target Stores This Fall

Heartland Pies by Tippin's now available in Target

We’re excited to announce that three fall flavors of our Heartland Pies by Tippin’s will be available in Target stores across the country by October 2023. Look for Heartland Apple, Pecan, and Sweet Potato pies in the bakery at Target stores that offer groceries, or add them to your online grocery order at

Heartland Pies are baked in America’s heartland using time-tested recipes and top-quality ingredients. These pies feature flaky, made-from-scratch pie crusts, baked to perfection. The fillings contain nature’s finest apples, pecans, or sweet potatoes, with no artificial colors or flavors and zero trans fat.

Heartland Pies have a slightly smaller size profile than Tippin’s Pies, as well as a lower price point. They are ready to slice and serve in a shareable 8-inch size. Heartland Pies are the ultimate indulgent dessert for family meals, a welcome guest at any gathering, and a great way to treat yourself at the end of the day. Our full Heartland Pies offering includes 10 flavors with a variety of fruit pies and seasonal pies.

Heartland Pies by Tippin’s provide an irresistible, baked-in-the-heartland taste that keeps you coming back for more. Be sure to stop by your Target store to look for these delicious pies!