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Peachy Keen Peach Cooler Pie

Tippin’s Peach Cooler Pie

August is National Peach Month – that glorious time of summer when peaches become perfectly ripe… so tender and full of flavor they drip with juice when you take a bite. It’s that sweet taste of summer that makes Tippin’s Peach Cooler Pie so popular year after year.

NOW is the time to get our available for a limited time only Peach Cooler Pie. In our hometown Kansas City area, Hen House Market stores make this special pie in store during the month of August.

To tempt your taste buds, we’ll describe how these peachy delicacies are made by hand by experienced Hen House bakery team members.

How Peach Cooler Pie Is Made

Peach Cooler Pie starts with Tippin’s flaky crust filled with our signature made-from-scratch vanilla cream filling.

Tippin’s uses only the finest, freshest peaches from orchards in nearby Missouri. The bakery team cuts the peaches into slices. Each pie contains 1 ½ pounds of fresh peaches, which is about 3 or 4 large peaches.

Next they warm up Tippin’s signature sweet peach glaze and scoop it over the peach slices. The pie then sits and cools before the final step.

To top off each pie, a bakery team member pipes freshly whipped cream around the edges and finishes with a whipped cream rosette in the center of the pie.

Peachy perfection that tastes sublime! Pick up one of Tippin’s Peach Cooler Pies while you can!

Use our Pie Finder to find Hen House store locations in Kansas City.

Whipped Cream on Tippin’s Peach Cooler Pie